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As developers and integrators, we carefully study our customers' requirements to tailor a seamless integration between our system and our ERP client system. We have employed different protocols for the automatic or manual exchange of data between platforms, which incorporate the highest level of security.

Hardware development

As hardware developers we have developed a wide variety of devices that are tailored to the needs of our customers and allow them to manage their remote assets in the best possible way; including modem with cellular technology, Narrowband, Lora; as well as adaptation of means of payment in different environments.

Software Development

We develop software that allows us to get the most out of our hardware.

We understand the importance of keeping up to date with the latest trends and innovations to ensure the continuous improvement of our applications. However, our experience shows that the key to our success is a thorough understanding of customer needs and a talented workforce that can turn their requirements into an efficient, simple and user-friendly solution.

Our software helps our customers manage their assets in real time, improving their processes and increasing productivity. We implement the best technical solutions available in terms of efficiency, security and user experience, ensuring the highest level of customer satisfaction.



The comprehensive solution for remote management of vending machines

- Optimisation and remote management of vending machines

- Real-time stock and fault management

- Route and warehouse management

- Integration with means of payment

- Bidirectional communication with the machine, allowing configuration changes.

- Hardware and software specifically designed for the vending sector

- Customer service


Card payment

With the unattended terminal IUC 285 we implement stand-alone card and/or mobile payment systems for all types of machines.

An easy-to-install system that adapts to all types of systems that require automated payment systems.

- Vehicle washing
- Lockers


Mobile payment for products

The Imagina Ingenio Mobile Payment App allows you to integrate an electronic payment system without having to install a fixed POS terminal in the machines.

A solution that can be adapted to any type of machine and that seeks to streamline processes from mobile devices.

- Dispensing machines
- Self-washing
- Lockers
- Access doors


Complete payment solution: physical and virtual

From a single payment centre, which integrates our communications modem, we carry out the control and management of machines. We integrate different payment methods in the same device: wallet, wallet and TPV.

From the proprietary control app, collection data per machine or daily use is displayed, as well as allowing customers to pay directly from the platform.


Machine vision image recognition

Labels, an identification system with artificial vision technology that, by means of a photograph, identifies the products on the front of vending machines.

All managed from a smartphone and the Labels app. An autonomous and self-learning system that improves day by day.


Transformation 4.0 of vending machines.

Modernisation of the vending machine fronts by integrating a touch screen to replace the old mechanical keyboard, allowing better interaction with the user.

Add new payment methods, advertising, promotions, and eye-catching visual impact.

Integration of the control system, high-resolution vandal-proof screen and the autonomous contact and TPV module is carried out to give a second life to the vending machines.


High security remote door opening

It is a device that connects to an electric lock, which allows the securisation of the opening of any type of door by means of 3GPP technology that ensures the highest security standards.

From the mobile application the user can open the access door, an office, the garage or the door of the hotel room where he/she is staying. The system is equipped with a management website that allows the registration of activity.

Project recognised by the Ministry as being of great importance.


Parking space sensor

The autonomous Parking Gapp sensor detects parking space occupancy in real time without the need for wiring.

Knowledge of occupancies enables optimisation and management of vehicle fleets in cities.
Tracking is done via the Parking-Gapp App.

- Disabled parking space
- City parking
- Bus


Container filling load sensor

The imagina ingenio sensor waste based on IoT technology, allows to have control of the filling of containers of all types of waste, allowing cities and industries to manage their waste efficiently, improving the quality of service.

With ultrasonic sensors and narrowband technology, it sends the information to the waste management platform, with the aim of optimising routes and improving service.


Filling charge sensor in tanks

The imagina ingenio water sensor is an innovative battery-powered ultrasonic level sensor with NarrowBand technology and a web application for measuring levels in fuel, waste oil, diesel and water tanks. The ultrasonic sensor measures the contents of your tank regularly every 6 hours and transmits measurement data once a day.


IOT technology for crop management SENSORISATION

We integrate in a single device, modules for measuring critical parameters for the correct functioning of a plantation. We manage PLC switches and actuators to match the required nutrients to the time of day. Project developed in collaboration with the University of Vigo for the implementation of improvements in rural environments in the primary sector.


Renewable energy generation from ocean currents

In 2007, the company Magallanes Renovables was founded in Redondela, in the Galician estuary of Vigo, with the aim of designing and validating the best technology for generating energy from tidal currents in the most suitable areas of the world.

This floating platform consists of a raised part that is connected by a vertical mast to the gondola, where the two hydro-generators are located, which, thanks to the tidal current, allow electricity to be generated.

Imagina Ingenio applied its expertise in sound engineering to data capture.